Media Release Homage To The Horse

Photo shoot for upcoming Solo Exhibition Homage To The Horse

Photo shoot for upcoming Solo Exhibition Homage To The Horse



Western Australian Artist Roslyn Nolen Announces Solo Exhibition: Homage To The Horse (27 January – 2 February 2017)



Acclaimed Western Australian Artist Roslyn Nolen announces her latest solo exhibition ‘Homage To The Horse’ to be held at Gallows Gallery, Mosman Park in Perth from 27 January to 2 February 2017. The wild horse dominates this forum and the expressive work depicts the noble animal in its truest form.


This exquisite and accomplished collection of 29 works explores the anatomy of the horse in interesting compositions and technical acquisition in a way that will appeal to those in and beyond the equine world.


Growing up surrounded by horses, it wasn’t until adulthood that artist Nolen fully came to realise and appreciate the majestic beauty and soulful intelligence of these creatures.


Both Nolen’s parents came from a lineage of country people, the family had horses and Roslyn’s father was a horse trainer. Nolen reflects that as a child she was never a confident rider and it wasn’t until her nephew, jockey Luke Nolen was given the opportunity of a lifetime to ride Black Caviar that reignited a connection to her past. Painting Luke on Black Caviar sparked a deeply reflective experience, as a result horses now dominate Roslyn’s work.


In preparation for the ‘Homage To The Horse’ exhibition Nolen travelled to the remote outback of the Northern Territory to observe, sketch and capture photo references of the most elusive of horses; the wild brumbies. A tremendous and perilous experience, it’s one that the artist says will stay with her  forever – in the vast, isolated, empty and sometimes haunting landscapes of the remote Pine Creek region.


Not a place for the faint hearted, the artist endured extreme heat, crawling insects and country unknown. Dangerous encounters with scrub bulls added to the sense of adventure whilst she searched for the elusive brumbies. Each day of her search across this expansive almost hostile country, Nolen had the pleasure of observing these wild horses which she skilfully depicts in this latest work.            


“Observing a stallion, so watchful and asserting protective authority over his band of horses is powerful and humbling. These brumbies have had little, if any, human contact.” Nolen explains.


Nolen also collaborated with photographer Katie Mendle of Calico Pony and Mae Lee Sun, journalist and wild horse activist, drawing on their photography as reference material for ‘Homage To The Horse’, bringing more depth and variation to this exquisite collection. Using a range of materials including acrylic, biro, ink, graphite and charcoal, Nolen’s exhibition is a must see.


‘Homage To The Horse’ by Roslyn Nolen

Gallows Gallery, 53 Glyde Street, Mosman Park Perth, Western Australia

Friday 27 January – Thursday 2 February 2017








Artist Open Studios at Summerset Arts Festival

Artist Open Studios at Summerset Arts Festival

Hi All, I am involved among others Julie Silvester, Linda O’Brien, Maryann Devereaux and Geoff Devereaux in the Artist Open Studios as part of this year’s Summerset Arts Festival. Refer to below link for further details.

We open our studios for you to have a greater understanding and connection to how we work and create in our individual spaces. I hope you can join us all. (Sunday 24th & Sunday 31 January/ 10am-4pm).


The Joyful Noise Gospel Choir

I recently had the privilege of painting while The Joyful Noise Gospel Choir performed at the Quarry Amphitheatre, City Beach Perth. Such a beautiful, energized space to work in and with. Many thanks to The Joyful Noise Gospel Choir for inviting me.

Equus Film Festival NYC

Morning all, I have been invited to participate in the Equus Film Festival NYC poster competition. There are fifty participating artists from all over the world and I have three selected “Up Close” – Acrylic, “Trooper”-Ballpoint Pen and “Freedom Calling”- Acrylic.

The top ten artworks with the most likes and shares will go for final judging where one artwork will be selected as a billboard image, poster and advertising imagery for the film festival.

In anticipation, thanks for your support, likes and shares by following the link below where you will find my work and the other artists’ contributions.


Wild – Brumbies and Other Breeds

Freedom Calling - 30cm x 40cm - Dry Point Etching

Wild – Brumbies and Other Breeds is an Exhibition of 25 works and the launch of a new clothing design for tOZZLEY

The Exhibition is bound to appeal and attract a wide audience who have a love and appreciation of these extraordinary creatures.

30th Jan – 6th Feb 2015

Gallows Gallery
53 Glyde St.
Mosman Park (Perth) WA

Daily from 10am – 5pm

More information

Ms Roslyn Nolen
Mobile: 0423153575
Email: roslyn@roslynnolen.com.au
Website: www.roslynnolen.com.au
Social: www.facebook.com/roslynnolenvisualartist

Spirit of the Thoroughbred

Roslyn Nolen - Beach Time - 110 x 82cm - Acrylic

Hi all, I have work in an Exhibition at present titled “Spirit of the Thoroughbred” Showing at Ascot Racecourse today and tomorrow.

This painting is called “Beach Time” 110cm * 82cm Acrylic. It received a “Highly Commendable Award”. There are some wonderful works on display and congratulations to Gully Huber who won the overall best artwork for her stunning pastel artwork.

Check it out and enjoy your weekend. xx

Ascott Racecourse
71 Grandstand Rd, Ascot WA 6104
(08) 9277 0777